Position Papers

If a delegate would like to be eligible for a position paper award, please submit the Position Paper(s) to the appropriate email no later then a week prior to the conference (November 12th, 2016 at Midnight).

Position Paper Awards:

For WHO, ICJ, NBPA, RNC, and MOM choose one topic to write the position paper about.

No Position Paper Awards:

For AMR, it is suggested to research the historical positions heavily, but there are no position papers and any submitted will not be reviewed nor considered in awards.

For Triple Ad-Hoc, there are no position paper awards as the topics will only be revealed on the day of the conference. Any position papers sent in for this committee will not be reviewed or considered in the award process.


For all GA/Specialized, not submitting a position paper does not remove the possibility of winning a delegate or delegation award, but position papers are highly valued by the chairs and vice chairs. Position paper awards can be won in conjunctaion with a delegate award.

To submit your position paper, please send it to all of the emails from your committee by the due date. In addition, these emails can be used to contact your chairs. The emails are on the document below:

Emails to submit position papers

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