Award Policy

JJMUNC Awards Policy:

The JJMUNC awards are split into three types of awards: Position Paper Awards, Committee Awards, and Delegation Awards.

  1. Position Paper Awards – If delegates submit a position paper by the date listed on, they will be considered eligible for a Position Paper Award.  The Chair and vice-chairs of each committee will read the position papers and determine the best position paper among the delegates in the committee.  This delegate will receive a Position Paper Award which do not count towards the Delegation Awards.  As is JJMUNC policy, Position Papers are not required, but may be looked upon favorably or very favorably by the Chair of each committee.  Each Chair will let you know, in their background guide, how favorably they would look upon the submission of Position Papers.
  2. Committee Awards – Each chair, with the advice and consent of the vice-chair(s) and Crisis Directors, will be solely responsible for choosing which delegate(s) will win awards.  JJMUNC will be issuing awards to: Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, Honorable Mention, and Verbal Commendation.  The amount of awards in each category will be determined by the size and performance of each committee, at the Chair’s Discretion.
  3. Delegation Awards – Each delegation will receive 1 point for each Verbal Commendation, 2 points for each Honorable Mention, 3 points for each Outstanding Delegate, and 4 points for each Best Delegate.  The Delegation Award will be given to the Best Delegation only, so schools with more delegates will have a larger chance of winning. Position Paper Awards will be used to break a tie.

John Jay delegates are not eligible to win awards.

The Secretariat and Dais retain any and all power for changing the above Policy, including adding or subtracting any of the awards above.  In addition, the Secretariat and Dais retain the power to decide who shall receive awards in each committee.  Concurrent with the Code of Conduct, any delegate or delegation found to violate the Code of Conduct will be rendered unable to receive any awards.

Any questions concerning the Awards Policy should be directed to Ike Radin, Under-Secretary-General for Policy:



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