Dear Delegates,

Hi! I’m Simrit Uppal and I am a rising junior here at John Jay High School. Model UN is one thing I am very passionate about, but other things I like to do are play field hockey and lacrosse, spend time with my friends and family, read and go to the beach. I am really looking forward to being a chair of SOCHUM this upcoming November. I am deeply interested in the topics of women and armed conflict and freedom of the media in developing countries due to the prevalence of these tragic problems in several countries around the world and the urgency for reform for these common issues. I’m looking forward to facilitate some great debate and read outstanding resolutions! See you all in November!!

Simrit Uppal





Dear Delegates,

Hi! I’m Lizzy Parry, I’m a junior at John Jay High School and I have been involved in Model UN for two years. Along with doing Model UN, I also love to play field hockey, write, and cook. I’m very interested in the SOCHUM topics because freedom of the media in developing countries, and women in armed conflict are very prevalent issues in the world today, and appear frequently on the news and in social media. I’m very excited to chair SOCHUM in November and hear everyone’s interesting views and ideas. See you then!


Lizzy Parry


SOCHUM Background Guide

Topic Summaries

Topic A: Freedom of the Media

Freedom of the media has been an issue in developing countries internationally. Even in developed countries, for example as we’ve recently seen in Paris, all countries must deal with the issue of determining their limits on freedom of the media. The issue of what type of content should be limited for media reporters and journalists internationally is a perennial question, and every nation has a different response. Certain countries believe that in order to ensure security in their nations, it is crucial to review and regulate the media that is shared. Others however, believe that freedom of speech and press is a natural right that should be guaranteed to all citizens. The issue of what should and should not be regulated on media sources is a significant matter that with cooperation, SOCHUM can find productive solutions to this issue.

Topic B: Women and Armed Conflict

Armed conflict is becoming increasingly common, as seen in the world’s recent history, leaving calamitous outcomes that lead to devastated communities and overpowered justice systems. Warfare and combat causes anguish for all human beings that are impacted, but women are especially vulnerable to this violence. The severe human right violations committed toward women are often overlooked and include sexual violence, abductions, trauma, debilitation, limited access to education and healthcare, marginalization from society, and economic troubles. Women that are subjected to sexual violence become pariahs of society and are rejected by their communities which leads them to feel impoverished and humiliated. Armed conflict is a gender-based problem where women endure different and disproportionate effects. Moral boundaries are crossed and there have been several violations in recent conflicts in the world. The violations hinder women from living freely and enjoying their rights, cause damage to them, their families, their friends and their communities. SOCHUM will work together to tackle these issues and to create a resolution that unites the global community in calling all parties to take special measures to protect women and girls from gender-based violence. SOCHUM will also determine the view of each country and work towards a solution that will ensure the safety of women and provide them with the resources that are necessary to have in areas of conflict.


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