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                                         Hello delegates!

Hi I’m Kailas Amin a rising sophomore at John Jay High School. In addition to my passion for MUN I love to play tennis, swim, run, and listen to music. I’m the Chair of the Russian revolution JCC, an since I’m a huge fan of history, this topic fits perfectly. I will be taking AP Euro next year! I am on Campus Congress as well, where we debate school policy. I hope to see all of you at JJMUNC 2015!

Kailas Amin

Chair, Russian Revolution White

Under Secretary General of Information and Technology



                                        Dear Delegates,

Hi, I’m Willa Shiel. I’m an upcoming senior at John Jay. Outside of Model UN, I play on the varsity soccer team, I like to read, and I love good food. This committee is exciting because we are looking at history and how historical events play out and affect the future. I hope you all have fun, and good luck!


Willa Shiel

Vice Chair, Russian Revolution White


Staffer: Matthew Kramer





Dear esteemed delegates,

Welcome to the second annual John Jay Model United Nations Conference! I am very excited to see all of the hard work you have done in preparation for this conference come to fruition over the course of the day, and am eager to observe the exciting debate and discussion there is to be had as we tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

I began Model UN freshman year of high school and have been involved ever since. Between the engaging topics that help me better understand and be involved in the world around me and the interesting people I meet in it, to me, Model UN truly is the best intellectual and competitive outlet for students caring about the world around them. As a current junior (I will be a senior this fall), Model UN has been a huge part of my life and a highlight of my high school career. When not debating, you can find me involved in my research project on gene regulation in cancer, swimming for John Jay’s Men’s Varsity team, or writing/editing for our schools student-run blog, (check it out!)

As crisis-director of the JCC, I encourage all delegates to make the most of their portfolio powers. Each of you has responsibilities and capabilities that no one else does — use them to your advantage! Make sure you are sending notes to me when you have questions, and don’t be afraid to shake things up — remember, just because the committee takes place in the past doesn’t mean you have to follow the course of history. Embrace the chaos and respond to change! I can’t wait to see everyone and how you, as an individual and a committee, choose to respond to the crises!


Ryan Kramer

Crisis Director, Russian Revolution JCC

Second Annual John Jay Model United Nations Conference

Russian Revolution Background Guide

Committee Summary

“It will be our task not to destroy the government, which would only aid anarchy, but to instill in it a completely different content, that is, to build a genuine constitutional order”. – Pavel Milyukov

The once proud nation of Russia has been reduced to infighting and internal squabbles, from the west comes the Germans, and from within the Bolsheviks. The Russian Empire is collapsing from within and it will take more than a victory to save it. It is our nation, and we must claim victory, while preserving the very nation we will rule. However, even a victory will not come easily, we are sandwiched between the germans and the bolsheviks, and even our military is slipping from our grasp. You must show our nation, both soldiers and civilians, who the rightful rulers of Russian are. The Russian empire need stability, and it needs it quickly. After month of strikes, and rising tensions with the Bolsheviks, it seems conflict is inevitable. But god has not forsaken us yet, we still have far more experienced leaders, better equipped soldiers, and the world’s support. You will have to destroy the opposition and build a stable regime, and with the Empire itself hanging in the balance, it is up to you to recreate our former glory.

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