Roman Senate


1271714_732695820104238_1820261509_oHello delegates!

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to John Jay for the second annual John Jay Model United Nations Conference. My name is Daniel Gordon, and I am the Secretary General of JJMUNC, as well as your chair and your crisis director! Last year, I was the USG of IT and I co-chaired WHO. In the fall I will be a Junior. At the end of freshman year I was appointed to be the MUN club historian, and at the end of sophomore year, I was elected to be the President of our Model United Nations Club.

Besides Model United Nations, I am the Vice Speaker of Campus Congress, the President of John Jay for Wounded Warriors and Outdoor Adventure Club, as well as the Campus Life Editor of the school newspaper, the Focus. I also volunteer with the guiding eyes by socializing puppies, and I am working on becoming certified in the Good Dog Foundation. I am also involved in the American Red Cross Club, Safe Rides, Future Business Leaders of America, and I am on Student Council. Clubs obviously are a big part of my life at John Jay and I’d love to chat with you guys about Mun or anything else you are a part of in between committee sessions.

This year, I am extremely proud to introduce our first ancient history crisis! The era of the Romans is one of my favorite periods of history. I have a passion for language, and I take both Spanish and Latin. I am looking forward to watching you all change the history of the world, by using your Model UN skills to determine what to do after the death of Caesar. Can you stabilize Roman society, or will the Rome begin to start its decline at your hands?

I am looking forward to meeting you all at JJMUNC!


Daniel Gordon


Chair of the Roman Senate

Lucy Siegel

Welcome Delegates,

Welcome to the Roman Senate committee at John Jay High School’s Second Model United Nations conference. I am very excited to serve as your Chair, and I look forward to an amazing day of debate with everyone. I’m Lucy Siegel and I am a sophomore at John Jay High School. I really love Model UN, as well as swimming and lifeguarding.

I am the treasurer of my class and KEEP, a club at my school dedicated to educating girls in the third world. I am also the secretary of the John Jay Model UN club and I am a member of Campus Congress. I love to spend time with my friends and my siblings. I have a passion for languages, especially the Romance languages that are rooted in Latin. I believe language is the key to understanding other cultures. I have been fascinated with the Roman Senate ever since I started learning Latin. See you in November!


Lucy Siegel

Chair, Roman Senate

Andrew Wittner

JJMUNC Pic AndrewWelcome delegates,

Hi, I’m Andrew Wittner. During JJMUNC this year, I will be your Crisis Director for the Roman Senate. I am an incoming junior, and apart from MUN I like to hang out with friends, play sports and watch TV. I hope you all find this topic as interesting as I do, and I look forward to seeing all of you this November!

Andrew Wittner,

Crisis Director, Roman Senate


Dear delegates,

Hi, I’m JT Ennis and I am a senior at John Jay High School. Model UN has been something I’ve been deeply invested in for a long time throughout my high school career. However, I also love basketball and I play almost every day with my friends. The Roman Senate is a committee that stood out to me from the beginning because I love history more than anything. I am so excited to help out with the crisis for this committee and I can’t wait for its success!

Look forward to meeting you all soon,

JT Ennis

Staffer, Roman Senate

Roman Senate Background Guide

 Committee Summary

The year is 44 BCE, and Julius Caesar has just been stabbed to death. The conspiracy, headed by Gaius Cassius and Marcus Brutus resulted in the death of Rome’s greatest emperor. Caesar had just been named dictator for life by the senate, making several senators uncomfortable with his sudden increase in tyrannical power. As Rome suddenly loses their strong leader, anarchy and chaos begin to infringe on society. It is imperative to fill the power vacuum that Caesar’s death has created. Brutus and Cassius are unpopular in Rome and are building up an army from the territories in the East. It is important to maintain order and stability among the Roman citizens, and to decide on the next authority figures- and soon. Be careful to balance the needs of the people and the government with your own, or you may suffer a similar fate to Caesar.

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