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 JJMUNC Pic Ish Dear delegates,

Hi, I’m Ishmam Nur. I’m a junior at John Jay High School. Along with being the treasurer of Model UN at John Jay, I am also the Vice President of the John Jay American Red Cross Club, writer for my school’s newspaper the John Jay Focus, and I am also an active member of the Future Business Leaders of America, Outdoor Adventure Club and TEDX. I’m interested in my topics as I find the operations of any company and business extremely fascinating. That being said however, I do feel that there are some major issues not being addressed and having the forum such as a Model UN conference to discuss these issues is something I find to be very beneficial to all. I am looking forward to a great debate. See you all in November!

Your Chair,

Ishmam Nur

Chair, Fortune 500 Summit

The Second Annual John Jay Model United Nations Conference


Dear Delegates,

Hi, I’m Carter Lombardi. I’m a Junior at John Jay High School, and a member of the model UN club. In addition to model UN, I’m an active member of the Student Council, and I enjoy science and math classes. I think that Fortune 500 is a fantastic topic because business is one of my principal interests, and everyone to some extent has some prior experience with many of the Fortune 500 companies. The influence that these companies have on our daily lives is a pressing matter to many of us, for better or for worse. These factors, along with my deep interest for business, make me believe that the Fortune 500 committee is the ideal Model UN committee. I’m looking forward to November!

Your Vice Chair,

Carter Lombardi

Vice Chair, Fortune 500 Summit

The Second Annual John Jay Model United Nations Conference

Fortune 500 Background Guide

Topic Summaries

Topic A: Copyright

Copyright grants the exclusive rights of any given property to the creator of that property. However in today’s world and business, it is not as black and white. The matter of who should be the one with the creative rights to a property has become a disorganized and unfair ordeal. Even more problems arise when the idea of the ownership of intellectual property is introduced.  Combine these problems with patent law and the situation becomes even more unclear and out of hand. In this summit the most powerful of individuals in the most successful companies in the world will work together to work out the flaws and the uneven, unfair process of copyright law.

Topic B: Discrimination and Prejudice

There has been a major flaw in how today’s companies operate. Prejudice of women, various races and people with different sexual orientations is still a major issue.  Today women make $00.77 for every $1.00 a man makes. Racial slurs and harassment is still found in the workplace as shown through various lawsuits against Wal-Mart and General Electric, two major companies.  Other major companies such as Exxon Mobil have struggled to handle the discrimination against their LGBT employees. In this Fortune 500 summit the executives of the most powerful companies in the world will together and speak further about decimation and prejudice in the workplace and how to combat it.


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