1529973_697142817013127_3273770088234791771_oDear Delegates,


Welcome to the Disarmament and International Security committee at John Jay High School’s second Model United Nations conference. I am very excited to serve as your Chair, and I look forward to an amazing day of debate with everyone.

As for myself, my name is Rachel Lubbe. I am a senior here at John Jay High School, and I have been part of Model UN since my sophomore year. I instantly fell in love with Model UN because of all the opportunities for self-enhancement during committee and all the chances to travel and meet new people. In school, my favorite subject has always been math; in college I hope to major in economics and business administration and to pursue a career investment banking. Outside of Model UN, I figure skate and I am part of Math Team and GWYOA. I also snowboard, coach ice-skating, and work as a waitress. An interesting fact about me is that I am South African – I also have family in Australia, China, and Europe.

To get ready for the conference, I urge everyone to keep up-to-date on the current news surrounding our topics. It would also be beneficial to know various countries’ position and how they may relate to your nation. For any first time delegates, I hope you enjoy your first experience, and I encourage you to ask questions whenever needed. The John Jay Model UN team has put a lot of hard work into planning this conference, and we know you will have a ton of fun, especially in DISEC! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at disec@jjmunc.com.



Rachel Lubbe

Chair, Disarmament and International Security Committee

The Second John Jay Model United Nations Conference


Hello delegates!


I’d like to welcome you to JJMUNC! My name is Matt Sorkin and I’m a junior. In my free time, I like to play basketball and hang out with my friends. I’m interested in DISEC because drones are an interesting idea- partial warfare while removing the human element. It is a moral dilemma, and a political issue. I’m looking forward to hearing you all discuss. Small arms are a huge issue due to the availability and ease of obtaining them and using them during crises like civil wars.

Good luck at JJMUNC!


Matt Sorkin

Chair, DISEC



To best prepare for DISEC, please follow Ari’s guidelines:

In order to feel as ready as possible to be an active participant in our DISEC committee, you should try to collect all relevant information that pertains to our selected topics. This means not only thoroughly reading the background guides we provide, but also exploring current events stories, country fact sheets, and possibly information from the UN’s official website (http://www.un.org/en/ga/first/), in order to get a better idea of this committee’s purposes and abilities on the international stage. Be sure to look over the collected info before the day of the conference, take notes, and maybe even prepare in advance some of the points that you think you might want to bring up during discussion.

-Ari Fay, Chair of DISEC, JJMUNC I

DISEC Background Guide

Topic Summaries

Topic A: Use of Drones in the Military

Advances in technology allow for new and changing forms of warfare, which often cause controversy as to whether these technologies are morally acceptable for use. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are an example of a relatively new technology being called into questions. These UAVs can be used to perform aerial strikes on targets thousands of miles away from the controller. In the 21st century, drones have been used by the United States for surveillance of prospective terrorists in nations such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen. There has been concern about a potential international UAV arms race; stemming from the basically un-regulated usage of these technologies on the battlefield and the lack of transparency and accountability presented by the militaries of various countries possessing drones. Potential resolutions pertaining to this issue must keep in mind the multifaceted issues involved with having increasingly large numbers of drones actively used in warfare and the impact they may have on nations that do not have the resources to apply such technologies. Additionally, thought should be put into possible international regulatory measures for drone use in order to prevent unsafe and irresponsible usage.

Topic B: Illicit Small Arms Trade

The illegal trade of small arms is an issue that plagues each and every country with varying degrees of severity. Small arms related deaths account for 90% of all civilian casualties worldwide, and while many regulatory measures have been put into place to curb their illicit sale, a substantial black market remains, grossing over $10 billion annually. Many small arms are easily transportable and concealable which, along with their high availability, makes the weapons a big contributor to recent increases in violent crime within conflict zones. Particularly in unstable, conflict ridden, or undeveloped nations, any individual can acquire small arms and ammunition with ease. Delegates should keep in mind the roll that small arms play in terrorism, organized crime, civil war, and gang violence when forming a resolution.

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