MLB Owners Meeting


Hello delegates,

My name is Tim Parker and I’m the chair of the MLB Owners Meeting. Besides Model UN, I enjoy watching sports (especially baseball), playing music, and spending time with family and friends. I believe this is an important topic to discuss, as baseball is experiencing a changing time within its sport, in both rules and fan opinion of the game. Baseball has been impacted with the rapidly changing technology and medicine, both for the better and worse, and I believe it is important for delegates to decide what is best for the MLB to allow or change within the game, in order to make the sport the best it can be. I look forward to seeing you all in November and keep watching baseball!

Tim Parker

Chair, MLB Owners Meeting



Dear Esteemed Delegates,


Welcome to JJMUNC II. Hi, I’m Griffin Wallick. I am a junior, and I am the historian of our Model United Nations club. I play football, run track, and play piano. I like baseball because it’s a great sport, and it needs fixing to compete with high speed sports such as football and basketball. This is my third year in model UN.  I’d like to go to college at Louisiana State. See you in November!



Griffin Wallick

Chair, MLB Executive Meeting

Major League Baseball Background Guide


Recently, many issues have been exploited in the play, operation, and fan participation of Major League Baseball. Topics that should be addressed during committee include, the drug testing policy, improved speed of game rules, rule differences in the American League versus the National League, the use of the replay system, a salary cap, guaranteed contracts, health concerns, possible expansion of the league, possible restructuring of the regular season and playoff system, the impact of network contracts, and ways to increase attendance. Attendance has been down over the last several years, and data has shown that the younger audience has begun to lack interest in the sport. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Nielsen, a media research firm, indicated the average age of a viewer watching the 2013 World Series was 54.4 years old. Those under the age of eighteen, according to, represented just six percent of the World Series viewership. As a delegate of this committee, you will investigate viable solutions to the existing issues and complaints around Major League Baseball, in order to improve the organization and its shortcomings to encourage and further enhance the popularity of baseball in the near and long-term future.

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