2015 Secretariat

Daniel Gordon: Secretary-General

1271714_732695820104238_1820261509_oHello delegates and advisors. My name is Daniel Gordon and I am the Secretary-General of JJMUNC. I am a chair of the Roman Senate committee, and I coordinate details of the conference. In the fall, I will be a junior and I look forward to meeting all of you then. Besides my avid love for Model United Nations, some of my favorite things to do are to hang out with my friends, read, participate in sports, play Tagpro, and watch Netflix. In addition, I have written over 200 pieces of poetry and have been published as a result. In the future, I would like to have a career in business or in law. Participating in Model United Nations allows me to nurture my respect for global affairs. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of being your SG. I am honored to be a part of this conference and it is my goal, as well as that of my fellow secretariat staff, to make the second JJMUNC run as smoothly as possible. Please email me at daniel@dgordondesign.com or sg@jjmunc.com with any questions.



Tim Parker: Director-General

10171823_1460916100810839_1410805292812912314_n My name is Tim Parker and I am director general of JJMUNC. I am a rising junior who is very interested in politics and history. In fact, I hope to major in political science. Besides model UN, I love to play sports, music, and watch movies. I play four instruments, the piano, guitar, mandolin, and saxophone, participate in jazz band, and love to listen to music with my friends. I also play golf and continue to work on my game each summer. I am honored to be your director general and to assist the secretary general, Daniel Gordon, to make JJMUNC the best conference it can be.






Under Secretary Generals:


Ishmam Nur: USG-Finance


Hello delegates! It is my pleasure to welcome you to the second annual John Jay Model United Nations Conference. My name is Ishmam Nur, and I am a rising junior and treasurer of Model UN. I will be serving as the USG of Finance. I will be handling anything financially related to the conference. Along with being the USG of Finance I will also be the chair of the Fortune 500 Committee. To let you know a little about me, I have many different interests and hobbies such as writing, music, weight lifting, basketball, binge watching shows on Netflix and quite literally watching any movie I can get my hands on. Basically, I’m a huge nerd and tend to be passionate about most things I’m interested in. I hope to convey this through this conference as well. My other interests fall along the lines of science, electronics and business as I hope to major engineering or business related field and venture into the tech industry. If you have any other questions about JJMUNC, specifically dealing with finances, feel free to ask me at: ishmamnur@hotmail.com

Ike Radin: USG-Policy

JJMUNC Pic IkeHello, I would first like to welcome you all to JJMUNC II. I will be a chair of the Russian Civil War JCC. I love revolution; it’s always interesting to see the oppressed class take over. My favorite time period is without a doubt the Russian revolution. The Russian revolution is unique, as the leaders behind it are more complex than they seem: many see Lenin as a champion to the people, but many others see him as a brutal killer. Aside from the complexity of Lenin, The Russian Revolution indirectly caused the Space Race, the Ukrainian famine, and the Cold War. I look forward chairing the Russian Reds! To tell you about myself, I am a rising junior at John Jay, MUN is the closest thing I do to a sport. I am the historian of the club. I also love pursuits of the mind, poetry (Sylvia Plath) philosophy (Nietzsche). I look forward to meeting you all!


Kailas Amin: USG Information-Technology

JJMUNC Pic Kailas

On behalf of the JJMUNC Secretariat, I would like to welcome you to JJMUNC 2015, the second ever JJMUNC conference. I hope you all excited to be part a continuing tradition of John Jay Model United Nations, and I am excited for a fast paced and interesting day of Model UN. I’m Kailas Amin and I’m a rising sophomore here at John Jay High School. As the USG of Information and Technology, I am in charge of keeping the conference support up and running. In addition, I’m the chair of the Russian Revolution JCC and I hope to make this conference a resounding success. I’m the current Treasurer of John Jay Model UN and hope to continue Model UN throughout the remainder of my high school career. Outside MUN, I am a cross country runner, swimmer, and member of the tennis team. I’m a nerd for all types of war-games and I spend my days playing sports, enjoying the outdoors and listening to my favorite bands. I’m not really picky about sports I play and as for music, I listen to everything from RtJ to Neil Young. And again, I look forward to seeing all of you here at JJMUNC 2015!


Lucy Siegel: USG General Assemblies


Hello Delegates! Welcome to our second annual JJMUNC! My name is Lucy Siegel, and I am your USG of General Assembly. I am a rising sophomore at John Jay and this is my second year of Model UN. I am so excited to see you all in General Assembly. We have great committees and great topics that I am sure you will all love! I personally am I chair of of the Roman Senate, one of the crisis committees. Besides my interest in Model UN, I love to swim, run and spend time on the beach. I hope you have a great time at JJMUNC! If you have any questions about General Assembly or my crisis committee, do not hesitate to contact me at: siegel.lucy@icloud.com


Simrit Uppal: USG Specialized

JJMUNC Pic SimOn behalf of the Secretariat of JJMUNC 2015, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2nd Annual John Jay Model United Nations Conference. My name is Simrit Uppal, and I am a rising junior at JJHS. This is my second year doing Model UN and I could not be more thrilled to serve as your USG for Specialized Committees this year.Besides my interest in Model UN, I love to play field hockey and lacrosse, as well as spending time with my friends and family. I love to listen to music, especially Drake. As Specialized Committees hold some of the most creative and imaginative committees, we have worked endlessly to create some of the best Specialized Committees for you all to enjoy this upcoming November. I am really looking forward to facilitating great debate and reading outstanding resolutions that will work towards solving the prevalent issues surrounding the world today. I am also a chair of SOCHUM, Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, one of the General Assemblies at JJMUNC II. I look forward to meeting you all this November!! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to email me at suppal17@klschools.org.


Griffin Wallick: USG Crisis

JJMUNC Pic Griffin

Hello Everyone, I am excited to be your USG of crisis and the co chair of the Major League Baseball committee. I am a junior who enjoys sports, music, and world affairs. I play football and run track. I’m a big Buffalo Bills fan. One day I hope to go to college. I like to listen to rap, country, and Billy Joel along with classic rock. I enjoy long walks on short piers. I am very privileged to be the Under-Secretary-General of Crisis for the second JJMUNC. I hope everyone has a good time and learns a lot about their topic.



This year, JJMUNC will have a small group of students to carry out the duties of the USG of administration.


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