2014 Secretariat

2014 Secretariat


Jeffrey Steckler: Secretary-General

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 4.55.39 PM Hi All! Welcome to the First Annual John Jay Model United Nations Conference. I cannot wait to see and hopefully meet all of you during our exciting day of debate. As the Secretary-General, I have led the entire JJMUN Secretariat and Staff in order to ensure we could provide the best day of debate possible. I have been the President of John Jay’s Model UN club since I was a sophomore and have seen the incredible things it has done for our students. I will also be a co-chair in our exciting NFL Executive Meeting committee. Personally, I love football more than anything in the world (Go Big Blue) and I hope that this committee will allow people from various football backgrounds to engage in meaningful debate. JJMUNC was created in order to provide you and your school the opportunity to experience some of the unbelievable things we have. During both the school year and the summer I will be available by email at sg@jjmunc.com to ensure your questions get answered as promptly as possible.  I can’t wait for JJMUNC!


Grant Goldman: Director-General


Hello delegates and welcome to the first John Jay Model United Nations Conference! I am unbelievably excited to see all of your hard work and preparation for this conference pay off in a day of exciting debate and discussion. As the conference’s Director General, I will be assisting Jeffrey, our Secretary General, along with the rest of the Secretariat, in making sure that the conference runs smoothly and every delegate has a memorable experience. I will be addressing all of the delegates during the closing and opening ceremonies, along with handling logistical and organizational matters that surface during the conference. In addition to this, I will be the crisis director for the Cuban Missile Crisis JCC– I cannot wait to meet all of the delegates in my committee! If you have any questions about Model UN, or are just too excited about the conference to hold it in, feel free to email me at dg@jjmunc.com!





Under Secretary Generals:



Liam Hafter: USG-Policy
10273081_601977563232204_1333241689_oMy name is Liam Hafter and as Under-Secretary-General for Policy and Chair of the Ad Hoc Working Group of the General Assembly for Amending the United Nations Charter (I know, it’s a mouthful), I sincerely welcome you to the first ever JJMUNC!  Being Under Secretary for Policy for this year’s conference, I create and edit the Rules of Procedure for all committees at JJMUNC to ensure the highest quality of debate is exhibited at our conference and I hope that this causes debate to run smoothly.  To do this, I have reviewed multiple rules of procedure from other conferences and talked to all the chairs of this year’s conference to include the most effective rules.  Some of the rules may be different then they are at other conferences so be sure to review all the rules!  As for myself, I will be a senior this fall at John Jay High School.  I have been in Model UN since sophomore year and have been a delegate in MUN conferences across the Eastern seaboard and serve as Director of Debate for our high school club. Be sure to check out the rules of procedure and the Ad Hoc Working Group page for the rules, some intriguing questions on the UN Charter, and more information about myself and my vice-chair, Tim Parker. Please use the contact form with any questions regarding policy or email me at policy@jjmunc.com


Lily Sandlund: USG-Administration

1962692_672448906152447_2017489401_nHi everyone! My name is Lily Sandlund and I’m thrilled to be your USG for Administration at the first John Jay Model UN conference in history. My role is to oversee all conference logistics including staggering lunch/dinner breaks, setting up conference registration, organizing opening ceremonies, and making sure that everyone knows what country/position they are. I’m also vice-chairing the WWII Prevention Council crisis committee so if you happen to be participating in that, I can’t wait to meet you! Please don’t hesitate to email me at admin@jjmunc.com for any logistical questions.





Daniel Gordon: USG Information-Technology


Hello delegates and advisors. My name is Daniel Gordon and I am the Under-Secretary-General of Information and Technology. My role is to make sure that the conference runs without flaws from a technological standpoint. In the fall, I will be a sophomore and I look forward to meeting all of you then. Besides my avid love for Model United Nations, some of my favorite things to do are to hang out with my friends, read, participate in sports, and watch TV. In addition, I have written over 100 pieces of poetry and have been published as a result. In the future, I would like to have a career in business or in law. Participating in Model United Nations allows me to nurture my respect for global affairs. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of being your USG of IT. I am honored to be a part of this conference and it is my goal, as well as that of my fellow secretariat staff, to make the first JJMUNC run as smoothly as possible. Please email me at it@jjmunc.com with any website questions.




Tim Parker: USG-Finance

My name is Tim Parker and I am the Under-Secretary-General of Finance.  I am a rising Sophomore who is very interested in economics and history.  One day I hope to major is political science.  Besides model UN, I love to watch sports, play music, and watch movies.  I play three instruments, the piano, guitar, and saxophone, participate in jazz band, and love to listen to music with my friends.  I also play golf and continue to work on my game each summer.  I am honored to be your under-secretary-general of finance and I hope to make the first of many JJMUNC’s the best possible conference it can be.




Andrew Mamo: USG General Assemblies


On behalf of the Secretariat of the first ever JJMUNC, I would like to welcome you to JJMUNC 2014, the first ever John Jay Model UN Conference. My name is Andrew Mamo, and I am a rising senior here at JJHS. I am extremely excited to serve as your USG for General Assemblies this year. As general assemblies are truly the foundation of the United Nations, I have worked tirelessly to create some fantastic GA simulations for you all this November. At the end of the day, I look forward to reading excellent resolutions with both the depth and breadth that actively solve the intricate problems the world faces today. If you have any questions regarding General Assemblies or JJMUNC in general, please feel free to email me at andrew.mamo@klschools.org





Hannah Seidlitz: USG ECOSOC and Specialized

10153371_613644865385444_944677165_nHello delegates! My name is Hannah Seidlitz and as the USG of Specialized Committees I am delighted to welcome you to the first ever JJMUNC! Our club has been working tirelessly to ensure that this conference runs smoothly and provides an interesting and educational experience for all––with room for fun, of course. I cannot wait to hear how the Specialized Committees this November; I’ll be checking in on everyone to make sure debate is running smoothly and our fantastic chairs are doing everything to make this conference a special (haha) experience for all. If you have any questions about our Specialized Committee you can email me at hannah.seidlitz@klschools.org




Miles Kirsch: USG Crisis

imageHello delegates! Welcome to JJMUNC, I could not be more excited to take part in the first year of this conference, and I hope all of you feel the same. My name is Miles Kirsch, and I’m a rising senior here at John Jay High School. I will be serving as the Under Secretary-General of Crisis Committees, meaning that I’ll oversee all crisis committees and help make this a great time for all crisis delegates. The rest of the JJMUNC Secretariat and Staff and I promise to do our best to make this a fun and educational conference, see you all soon! Please email me at usg-crisis@jjmunc.com with any questions or concerns.

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