2016 Secretariat

Daniel Gordon – Secretary General
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Hello delegates and advisors. My name is Daniel Gordon and I am the Secretary-General of JJMUNC III. I am a chair and the crisis director of the Triple Ad-Hoc committee, and I coordinate details of the conference. In the fall, I will be a Senior and I look forward to meeting all of you then. Besides my avid love for Model United Nations, some of my favorite things to do are to hang out with my friends, read, participate in sports, play Tagpro, and watch Netflix. In addition, I have written over 200 pieces of poetry and have been published as a result. In the future, I would like to have a career in business, law or international affairs. Participating in Model United Nations allows me to nurture my respect for global affairs. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of being your SG. I am honored to be a part of this conference and it is my goal, as well as that of my fellow secretariat staff, to make the third JJMUNC run as smoothly as possible. Please email me at daniel@dgordondesign.com with any questions.




Tim Parker – Director General


My name is Tim Parker and I am director general of JJMUNC. I am a rising Senior who is very interested in politics and history.  In fact, I hope to major in political science.  I serve as the co-treasurer on Student Council and as a representative on Campus Congress. In addition, I am the president of HOPE (Honest Options for Political Ends) which facilitates political discussion in the school. My love for politics makes me all the more excited to be chairing the RNC committee at JJMUNC III. Besides Model UN, I love to play sports, music, and watch movies.  I play four instruments, the piano, guitar, mandolin, and saxophone, participate in jazz band, and love to listen to music with my friends.  I also play golf and continue to work on my game each summer.  I am honored to be your director general and to assist the secretary general, Daniel Gordon, to make JJMUNC the best conference it can be.





Ishmam Nur – USG of Finance

Hello dScreen Shot 2016-05-29 at 9.55.19 AMelegates! It is my pleasure to welcome you to the third annual John Jay Model United Nations Conference. My name is Ishmam Nur and I am a rising Senior and the treasurer of John Jay’s Model UN club. I will be serving the conference as the USG of Finance. All the finances and numbers go through me and I make sure everything is accounted for. Being that this is my second year in the role, I feel very comfortable in my abilities to help run this conference from the financial aspect. Along with being the USG of Finance, I will also be the chair of the National Basketball Players Association. I am extremely excited to run this committee as basketball is my favorite sport and I am a huge NBA nerd. Besides basketball, I have many other interests and hobbies. When I’m not doing anything school related, I’m often writing whether it be on my novel or multiple screenplays (all a work in progress). I am also one of the biggest music nerds you’ll ever meet; I listen to just about everything from 70s disco to rap. If it’s good music, I’ll like it. I also have an avid interest in science and technology. I hope to major in Computer Science/Engineering in college and minor in English to scratch that writer’s itch I have. I wish all of you luck in the upcoming months in preparation for the conference. If you have any other questions about JJMUNC, specifically dealing with finances, feel free to ask me at: ishmamnur@hotmail.com.

Elizabeth Parry – USG of Operations

11349955_867565969993283_1325469635_nHello Delegates, on behalf of the JJMUNC III Secretariat, I would like to welcome you to our third annual John Jay Model United Nations conference! My name is Lizzy Parry, and I am your USG of Operations. I am a Senior at John Jay High School and this is my third year participating in Model United Nations. As USG of Operations, it is my job to supervise and prepare the conference from both a staff and executive standpoint.  I am delighted to be the co-chair of the Specialized Committee, Council on the Ministry of Magic. Apart from Model UN, I am also involved in John Jay’s field hockey team. I love to listen to Childish Gambino, see my friends, get into heated debates about politics, and watch The Office. I am incredibly interested in anthropology, more specifically archaeology, and English. I hope you all have a great JJMUNC III. I look forward to meeting you all! If you have any questions, email me at eparry@klschools.org.



Simrit Uppal – USG of Committees

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.20.01 PMOn behalf of the Secretariat of JJMUNC 2016, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the third annual John Jay Model United Nations Conference. My name is Simrit Uppal, and I am a rising senior at John Jay High School, as well as the secretary of John Jay’s Model UN club. This is my third year participating in Model UN and I could not be more thrilled to serve as your USG for Committees this year. My job is to ensure that all of our wonderful committees are running smoothly and effici›ently. We have worked endlessly to create some of the best committees for you all to enjoy this upcoming November. I am also the chair of WHO, World Health Organization, which is one of the General Assemblies at JJMUNC III. Besides my interest in Model UN, I love to play field hockey, watch basketball (Go Golden State Warriors!), read, participate in student government and watch Grey’s Anatomy. In the future, I hope to major in Biology on a Pre-Med track and have a career in the medical field. I am really looking forward to facilitating great debate and reading outstanding resolutions that will work towards solving the prevalent issues surrounding the world today. I look forward to meeting you all this November at JJMUNC III. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to email me at suppal17@klschools.org.


Ike Radin – USG of Policy

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.20.13 PMHello, I would first like to welcome you all to JJMUNC III. Along with being the USG of Policy, I also will be a co-chair of the ICJ, International Court of Justice, committee. I cannot begin to express how excited I am to chair this committee; this is due to the fact that it’s not a committee offered at most conferences. Also, the topics are both interesting and unique. I look forward to being your chair! To tell you about myself, I am a rising Senior at John Jay High School, and MUN is the closest thing I do to a sport. I am the historian of the Model United Nations club at JJHS. Additionally, I’m a history buff who happens to be addicted to all things politics. I also play guitar and listen to music in my free time. I’m also a god awful standup comic. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at Ikeradin@gmail.com.



Lucy Siegel – USG of Affairs

imageedit_3_2615793853Hello Delegates! Welcome to our third annual JJMUNC! My name is Lucy Siegel, and I am your USG of Affairs. I am a rising junior at John Jay, and this is my third year of Model UN. I am so excited to see you all at JJMUNC. We have great committees and great topics that I am sure you will all love! I personally am the chair of the American Revolution, one of the crisis committees. Besides my interest in Model UN, I love to swim and spend time with my friends. I am a lifeguard and am in the ambulance corps! I am interested in studying political science, anthropology or history in college! One day I hope to join the Peace Corps or UNICEF! I hope you have a great time at JJMUNC. As the USG of Affairs, I am your go to for any questions regarding the conference. If you need anything or have any questions about the conference or my crisis committee, do not hesitate to contact me at: siegel.lucy@icloud.com



Kailas Amin – USG of Information and Technology

imageedit_6_6153590559On behalf of the JJMUNC Secretariat, I would like to welcome you to JJMUNC 2016, the third annual JJMUNC conference. I hope you all are excited to be part of a  continuing tradition of John Jay Model United Nations, and I am excited for a fast paced and interesting day of Model UN. I’m Kailas Amin and I’m a Junior here at John Jay High School. As the USG of Information and Technology, I am in charge of keeping the conference support up and running. In addition, I’m the Crisis Director of the American Revolution, and I hope to make this conference a resounding success. I hope to continue Model UN throughout the remainder of my high school career. Outside of MUN, I am a cross country runner, swimmer, and member of the tennis team. I’m a fan of all types of war-games and I spend my days playing sports, enjoying the outdoors and listening to my favorite bands. I’m not really picky about the sports I play and I like all kinds of music. Again, I look forward to seeing all of you here at JJMUNC 2015!




Matthew Sorkin – Deputy Secretary General


8AbrBShHello delegates and welcome to JJMUNC III! My name is Matthew Sorkin, and I am the Deputy Secretary General. I am also one of the chairs of the ICJ. I am a Senior who loves playing basketball, chilling with friends, and doing math and physics. I am a big Knicks fan (sadly) and I also am a Giants fan. I also am a big Star Wars nerd who enjoys all sorts of discussions of Star Wars along with a love of Marvel movies. I hope to major in engineering or physics when I enter college. I look forward to meeting you all in November, and I hope everyone has a great time!




Will Palmieri – USG of Registration


1936271_1723428157904267_7614102245132234024_nOn behalf of the Secretariat of JJMUNC III, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you all to John Jay’s 3rd Model United Nations Conference! My name is Will Palmieri, and I am delighted to be your USG of Registration, as well as the co-Chair of our Specialized Committee, Council on the Ministry of Magic. As USG of Registration, my job is to facilitate a smooth registration process for all participating delegates. A little about me: I am a Senior at John Jay, and am in my second year of Model United Nations. Outside of MUN, I play trumpet in my school’s jazz band and run my school’s sustainability club (I’m always a stickler for being environmentally conscious). I have a passion for movies and TV–The Office is always a personal favorite, and The Dark Knight always brings out the superhero-loving kid inside me. In addition, I run for my school’s cross country team, I have an interest in creative writing (unbeknownst to most people), I am an author for my school’s blog, and my music taste ranges from Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean to Radiohead and Arcade Fire. As I begin to conclude my high school career, I hope to pursue a college major in a social science, such as political science or cultural anthropology. All in all, I can assure you with confidence that our third JJMUNC will be a day of stimulating debate, though-provoking discussion, and global perspective. Our team has worked countless hours to ensure that JJMUNC III will be a unique and fulfilling conference, and I cannot wait to see you all there. I wish you all the best of luck both at JJMUNC III and in your future MUN endeavors! If you have any questions regarding the committee, feel free to reach out to me at wpalmieri82@gmail.com.



Andrew Wittner – Vice USG of Registration


Sm1W0LbMy name is Andrew Wittner, and it is my pleasure to be your USG of Registration for our third annual JJMUNC. I am a senior, and I was the Crisis Director of the Roman Senate Committee last year. In addition to running the registration process, I will be co-chairing the NBPA committee. Outside of MUN, I play various sports, both on the field and on the Xbox. As a diehard fan of all New York sports teams (Yankees, Knicks, Rangers, Giants), I find that there is nothing better to do than chill out with friends and watch sports. I am so excited to be serving under the Secretary General as the USG of Registration and I am looking forward to another awesome JJMUNC.


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