National Basketball Association

National Basketball Association (NBA)

Chair: Ishmam Nur

Hello dScreen Shot 2016-05-29 at 9.55.19 AMelegates! It is my pleasure to welcome you to the third annual John Jay Model United Nations Conference. My name is Ishmam Nur and I am a rising Senior and the treasurer of John Jay’s Model UN club. I will be serving the conference as the USG of Finance. All the finances and numbers go through me and I make sure everything is accounted for. Being that this is my second year in the role, I feel very comfortable in my abilities to help run this conference from the financial aspect. Along with being the USG of Finance, I will also be the chair of the National Basketball Players Association. I am extremely excited to run this committee as basketball is my favorite sport and I am a huge NBA nerd. Besides basketball, I have many other interests and hobbies. When I’m not doing anything school related, I’m often writing whether it be on my novel or multiple screenplays (all a work in progress). I am also one of the biggest music nerds you’ll ever meet; I listen to just about everything from 70s disco to rap. If it’s good music, I’ll like it. I also have an avid interest in science and technology. I hope to major in Computer Science/Engineering in college and minor in English to scratch that writer’s itch I have. I wish all of you luck in the upcoming months in preparation for the conference. If you have any other questions about JJMUNC, specifically dealing with finances, feel free to ask me at:

Chair: Andrew Wittner

Sm1W0LbMy name is Andrew Wittner, and it is my pleasure to be your USG of Registration for our third annual JJMUNC. I am a senior, and I was the Crisis Director of the Roman Senate Committee last year. In addition to running the registration process, I will be co-chairing the NBPA committee. Outside of MUN, I play various sports, both on the field and on the Xbox. As a diehard fan of all New York sports teams (Yankees, Knicks, Rangers, Giants), I find that there is nothing better to do than chill out with friends and watch sports. I am so excited to be serving under the Secretary General as the USG of Registration and I am looking forward to another awesome JJMUNC.



Vice Chair: Michael Verdeschi



Collective Bargaining Agreement
The NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, or CBA, is an agreement between the NBA and the NBA Players Association which dictates much of the player’s life in the NBA. Including contracts, trade distributions and limitations, salary caps, distribution of revenue, and the regulations on the NBA Draft. Much of a player’s career in the NBA is determined by the CBA. The current CBA is about to expire. As the representatives of the NBA Players Association, you are too come up with an agenda, or agreement amongst yourselves in what you should fight for in the CBA. Failing to do so will lead to a league­wide lockout, much like 2011.  Agreeing to like terms will allow for the situation dealing with the owners and league personnel to be unanimous, going into the the new Collective Bargaining Agreement to NBA and the Players Association need to make before the 2016­2017 season.
 Player Safety

Injuries have been seemingly more abundant in recent years. This is leading to much talk and controversy on the game overall. Are the players being overworked due to an 82 game regular season? Are referees’ playcalling negatively affecting player safety? Are injury protocols, such as concussion protocols, substantive enough to protect the players? These questions have arisen due to the nature of injuries within the past few years, especially to our league’s best and brightest. It is your job, as the representatives of the NBA Players Association, to come to an agreement and to an agenda in which to present to the league, in regards to your safety in the league.  Every player will have to come in with ideas that can be agreed upon with the NBA and the nature of the game, to ensure the NBA’s top priority, player safety.

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