International Court of Justice

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Chair: Ike Radin

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.20.13 PMHello, I would first like to welcome you all to JJMUNC III. Along with being the co-chair of the ICJ (International Court of Justice), I also will be the USG of Policy. I cannot begin to express how excited I am to chair this committee; this is due to the fact that it’s not a committee offered at most conferences. Also, the topics are both interesting and unique. I look forward to being your chair! To tell you about myself, I am a rising Senior at John Jay High School, and MUN is the closest thing I do to a sport. This is my fourth year in the club, and I am the historian of the Model United Nations club at JJHS. Additionally, I’m a history buff who happens to be addicted to all things politics. I also play guitar and listen to music in my free time. I’m also a god awful standup comic. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at

Chair: Matt Sorkin

8AbrBShHello delegates and welcome to JJMUNC III! My name is Matthew Sorkin, and I am the co-chair of the ICJ as well as the Deputy Secretary General. I am a Senior who loves playing basketball, chilling with friends, and doing math and physics. I am a big Knicks fan and I also am a Giants fan. I also am a big Star Wars nerd who enjoys all sorts of discussions of Marvel movies. I hope to major in engineering or physics when I enter college. I look forward to meeting you all in November, and I hope everyone has a great time!



Vice Chair: Carter Lombardi

11649324_897353033658300_1891433730_oHello! My name is Carter Lombardi, and I’m excited to be your vice chair in the ICJ committee. My goal is to help facilitate a fun and productive committee for everyone. As for me, I’m a senior at John Jay and this is my fourth year in Model UN. I love Model UN because I’m very interested in politics and I think it’s a great way to get people active in politics. MUN aside, I’m the president of my class and as such I’m very active in class activities. I love to help out and make sure my fellow students have an enjoyable high school experience. My favorite classes at John Jay are math and science classes. As such, in college I plan to major in either some form of engineering or economics. I find business to be incredibly fascinating, and my dream would be to be CEO of a company. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at JJMUNC III, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at

ICJ Background Guide


ISIS v United Nations:

Terrorism is defined as: the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. Preventing terrorism is one of the main purposes for the existence of the UN. Terrorism is something that effects all nations and people. Global terror is most prevalent in: Central America, East Africa, and the Middle East. Reasons stem from instability, lack of economic opportunity, as well as lack of education. Problems in this committee may also revolve around government corruption and instability, as well as differentiating liberation fronts from terrorist organization. This committee will be run like a cross between a GA and a specialized committee. Delegates will be tasked with writing thoughtful resolutions that not only prevent terrorism on a global scale, and address the rights of terrorists, suspected or otherwise.

Ukraine v Russia

The Ukrainian region of Crimea was “annexed” by the Russian Federation in 2014. The majority of the world does not accept this annexation. The annexation was a result of a civil war in which Pro-Russian separatists took over the region in order to re-unify with Russia. Culturally Crimea is Russian, the people generally speak Russian and enjoy television and radio from Russia. Aside from this, many of the athletes in Crimea decide to play for Russia in place of Ukraine. This problem is a contentious debate as the people of Crimea and the government of Ukraine are in disagreement. This topic will argue the importance of national sovereignty and it’s power over popular sovereignty; at the same time whether or not cultural borders are more important than legal borders

United Nations v Mexico

Drug trafficking is defined as: a global illicit trade involving the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, and sale of substances which are subject to drug prohibition laws. The particular branch of the UN that deals with drug trafficking is known as the United Nations Office On Drug and Crime, or UNODC. The main drug markets include the heroin and cocaine markets. The heroin is mainly trafficked through the Balkans from Afghanistan, while cocaine is mainly trafficked from South America into the U.S. and Europe. This committee will be run like a cross between a GA and a specialized committee. Delegates will be tasked with writing resolutions that aim to prevent further trafficking and increase drug seizures.