General Assemblies

The General Assembly is the foundation of the United Nations. At JJMUNC III, there will be two fantastic GA committees for all delegates attending: World Health Organization and the International Court of Justice. The General Assembly is where each of the 193 member states of the UN meet to debate prevalent issues affecting countries worldwide. With two committees of passionate delegates, extremely dedicated chairs and detailed topics, the General Assembly allows for some of the finest debates on UN Policy. These issues range from coordinating international responses to epidemics in the 21st century to corruption in Mexico. The committees also discuss how to build health infrastructure in developing countries, land disputes in Russia, and international terrorism. The GA will prompt delegates to reevaluate past UN action, develop their diplomacy skills, and conclusively to balance international cooperation with the interests of their respective nation. The JJMUNC GAs provides delegates an exclusive opportunity to learn Model UN debate skills in a large, but personalized committee.

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