The Crisis Committees at JJMUNC III hold both innovative and classic committees. The small bodies, with usually no more than twenty members, are centered around various crises which interrupt committee. Crisis Committees tend to handle short-term issues and looming conflicts with decisive and swift measures. At JJMUNC, there will be two fascinating crisis committees: Triple Ad-hoc of the Secretary General and American Revolution. These Crisis Committees will hold some of the most meaningful and extensive debate with finding short-term solutions to events in American Colonial History such as the Boston Tea Party, Battle of Lexington and Concord, the Battle of Yorktown, as well as three surprise topics in the Ad-Hoc! The Triple Ad-Hoc committee is the first of its kind in both JJMUNC and Model UN as a whole. It ties together three different topics from a wide variety of historical periods into a committee with a loose narrative. The results from one committee session will directly affect the standing of the next topic that the delegates will have to face. Delegates should be prepared for fast-paced and exciting debate to deal with events from multiple time periods and to find extensive solutions to solve these crises. The American Revolution is recommended for students looking to try Crisis committees, and although the Ad-Hoc committee will cater to those students too, is going to be the most advanced and crisis-heavy committee in JJMUNC.




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