JJMUNC is thrilled to offer committees with a wide spectrum of topics this year! Committees range from the International Court of Justice to a Ministry of Magic Committee. We hope to rouse interest from delegates interested in both current events and historical issues, as well as some fantastical and futuristic events. As every committee is reasonably sized (20-60), each delegate will have the chance and opportunity to participate, learn, and improve their Model UN skills in a fast-paced and challenging environment. Our General Assemblies will give delegates the chance to work with a larger body of diplomats in an effort to influence greater international action through public speaking and resolution writing. Our Specialized and Crisis committees will require that delegates think aptly on their feet in an attempt to solve the numerous crises they will face.


This year we are featuring 7 committees:

General Assembly:

World Health Organization

International Court of Justice


Ministry of Magic

National Basketball Players Association

Republican National Committee


Triple Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General

American Revolution


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